Tips From A Field in the Advertising World

Tips From A Field in the Advertising World from Allen Bialik

“What have I learned?” 

  • Education has NOTHING to do with performance
  • In school you’re taught a lesson, then given a test. In life, you’re given a test that teaches you a lesson.
  • Problem solve quickly and creatively: adapt to change
  • Leadership, attitude, commitment, discipline
  • Responsibility and accountability for job performance
  • Leadership is an essential part of life
  • Discipline is doing what needs to be done. Even when you don’t want to do it.
  • Life is dull to dull people

#1 Trait you need to be successful: COMMUNICATION




Three in Thirty: Internships & Jobs Tips

Three in Thirty
1. Ask yourself, “what can you do to help the company reach their goals?” Showcase these skills and experiences in your interviews.

2. Don’t get too caught up in graduating. Look for a post-graduation job or internship before you get your diploma.

3. Take advantage of studying abroad. Employers like hearing about different experiences and cultures, and what you learned during your trip.

Three in Thirty 10/11/16

Three in Thirty 

Quick Tips to Further Your Experience at Michigan State

1. Look into other student organizations to find opportunities to add to your resume
2. Use wording and buzz words to transform your resume
3. Try apps like “MyHomework”  and “Evernote” to stay organized

Three in Thirty : 9/20

Three in Thirty 

Quick Tips to Further Your Experience at Michigan State

1. Take advantage of all the opportunities and experiences you can and do not be afraid to create opportunities. Good experiences make you more marketable to employers.

2. Track and measure all of your experiences and accomplishments. This allows you to show your results and effectiveness.

3.  Stay connected with your co-workers, professors, and classmates. Good connections can lead to jobs and internship opportunities in the future.