Social Media Manager Wanted!

We’re currently looking for a E-Board member to help us manage and promote our club. Some of the things you’ll do is :

  • Post and manage the FB, Twitter, & Instagram pages
  • Send out slides to some of the ComArts professors
  • Putting our club into the CAS newsletter

Please email your interest to Erika Nichols @


Spring 2017 Welcome

Ad | Com’s E-board members would like to wish everyone a happy start to the Spring semester! Here are some quick notes on what we’ve done over break and what we’re going to do next:

  • We have a new secretary! Please welcome Gemma~ 🙂
  • We are currently looking and contacting advertising agencies in Chicago to visit when we do our agency tours this spring.
  • We will have an table at Wells Hall on 1/23/17  to promote our club! We’ll have cookies or some kind of food, stickers and shoes to raffle off. We will be offering members that show up $5 off member dues for the semester.
  • Our first meeting will be on the 1/24/17 so mark your calendars!
    1st Meeting Location: 173 CAS @ 6 PM

Ad | Com Next Meeting– Nov. 8, 2016

We will NOT be having a meeting this week but instead will meet next Tuesday, November 8th in room 175 CAS.  Our next meeting will be a LinkedIn Workshop.

LinkedIn Workshop
We will be discussing:
– What is LinkedIn?
– How to use it?
– Why use it?
– Other tips and tricks

Also, dress professionally from the waist up, if you would like a free head shot for your LinkedIn profile!

If you are interested in attending Chicago with Ad|Com on March 24th, please follow the link below to let us know!

T-Shirt Sign Up 
The shirt will be between $10 and $15. Exact prices and designs will be distributed shortly. If you are interested in purchasing one, follow the link below!

Reminder: AdCom Presents: Upper Classmen Q&A

Reminder Meeting Announcement:
AdCom Presents: Upper Classmen Q&A

Come join us for our first Q&A panel of the semester! This session will include juniors and seniors here at MSU (including your very own e-board members!) to chat about their experiences at MSU, classes they have taken (everything CAS!), professors they have had, midterm guidance, internships and more! Come ask questions and gain some insight on how to succeed as a student and an advertiser-in-training! The panel will include an hour-long session as well as free pizza for all attending!

Make sure you RSVP on our Facebook event page!

Hope to see you there!

*Communication Arts & Sciences Building, Room 175, on October 4, 2016 @ 6PM

Reminder: General Ad | Com Meeting Tomorrow (9/20/16)

Reminder that there is General Ad | Com Meeting tomorrow (9/20)

We will have guest speaker Amanda Vasas, Assistant Professor of ADV225. She will be speaking on her experience in the PR industry. She offers great advice on what she wish she knew and how to break into the industry.

The meeting will be at room 175 in the Com Art Building from 6PM to 7PM.