General Meeting Notes for 4/11/17

4/11/17 Notes

Last Meeting of the Semester!

  • Open E-Board positions will be up by the end of next week
  • Let us know if you want to write for the blog this summer
  1. Update your resume
    1. Keep track of your accomplishments
    2. See the CAS career office for advice before you leave
    3. Use action words to describe what you did
    4. Note any club leadership positions under experience
    5. Don’t put Microsoft under, they assume you already know
  2. Brush up on your knowledge
    1. Read a book
    2. Current events
    3. Read industry specific publications
    4. Google analytics or hubspot certified
    5. Learn Adobe Creative Suite
    6. Read blogs
    7. Job Shadow
  3. Build your Portfolio
    1. Do design work for small businesses or family
    2. Do social media work for small businesses or family
    3. Write blogs!
    4. Photograph your summer adventures
    5. Update your LinkedIn
  4. Build your resume
    1. Job, internship, volunteer work
    2. Make a presentation about it
    3. Apply for scholarships
    4. Learn a new skill
    5. Learn better study habits
  5. Goal Setting
    1. Short term goals for the end of the summer
    2. Long term goals by the end of the next school year
    3. Write them down and keep track of progress
    4. Write out steps for achievement
  6. Create your media kit
    1. Resume
    2. Writing samples
    3. Creative designs
  7. Takeaways
    1. Be a sponge
    2. Take all opportunities
    3. You can make any opportunity work for your major
    4. Take time to set yourself apart

Meeting Notes 3/14/17

3/14/17 Meeting Notes

GUEST SPEAKER – Allen Bialik from AFB Media Marketing

Everybody‚Äôs doing graphics (or _______ ) …what makes you different as an individual?

  • Knock on doors, but be prepared with ten questions.

How we look and present ourselves is all a part of communicating.

‚ÄúTop 10 Things I‚Äôve Learned in my Life‚ÄĚ- Presentation title

  • Managed the first company that released the first newspaper with Sunday comics in color
  • Operations Management guy- learned training and forecasting
  • Managed staff, developing, budgets, hiring/firing, human resources/appraise, customer service group

It starts in Operations.

  • Took the Sunday comics. Developed them so instead of it being a cost, it had to be revenue. Created advertising to wrap it in. ‚ÄúWhat‚Äôs the next step to generate revenue?‚ÄĚ
  • Would colorize the original art from the artists of people who created things like Garfield, comic books for Marvel, etc‚Ķ

Sales & Marketing

  • Got into sales because of the diversity.
  • Loooong client list

‚ÄúIf you‚Äôve got contacts, keep pounding on them. Keep in touch.‚ÄĚ

Started his own company in 2008: AFB Media.

85% of what’s purchased in the U.S. is purchased by women. But the men are the ones trying to advertise to them. Result? Does not resonate.

  • Someone out there is talking about you- so talk back.
  • ‚ÄúChange‚ÄĚ the way people do business
  • Social media is more about retaining customers
  • Ambassadors of the brand
  • Find ways to reward and recognize customers
  • Interacting with customers creates a human behind the brand

‚ÄúWhat have I learned?‚ÄĚ

  • Education has NOTHING to do with performance
  • In school you‚Äôre taught a lesson, then given a test. In life, you‚Äôre given a test that teaches you a lesson.
  • Problem solve quickly and creatively: adapt to change
  • Leadership, attitude, commitment, discipline
  • Responsibility and accountability for job performance
  • Leadership is an essential part of life
  • Discipline is doing what needs to be done. Even when you don’t want to do it.
  • Life is dull to dull people

#1 trait you need to be successful: COMMUNICATION



Mary Clanton Stratton- spent 50 years of her life getting women the right to vote.

Meeting Notes for 2/21/17

  • Semester dues are due TODAY if you haven‚Äôt paid them this semester or last semester already
  • Chicago trip is cancelled
  • However‚Ķ.we are in the works of organizing a Lansing trip on the same date (3/24) FREE to paid members
  • Next meeting is on 3/14 and we will be having a guest speaker Allen Bialik from AFB Media Marketing
  • We are looking for a new fundraising chair!
    • Application will be open until Friday 2/24 at ¬†10 p.m.

For the slide for photoshop tutorial, press the link below:

Meeting Notes 2/7/17


Starting out: Making valentine’s day cards for Sparrow hospital patients & looking at Super Bowl Ads

Dues are due at the next meeting

Next Meeting: February 21st- Adobe Photoshop Workshop

Discussion: What were everyone’s favorite part of the Superbowl? CommArts Career Fair: Friday from 1:30 Р4:00

–¬†¬† ¬†Erica‚Äôs packet for Career Week events!!

Recap on some of the best Super Bowl Ads:

1.) Melissa McCarthy Kia

2.) Lumber 84

3.) Einstein Playing the Violin

4.) AirBnB ‚ÄúWe Accept‚ÄĚ

5.) Bai Justin Timberlake Commercial

6.) Audi #DriveProgress

7.) Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg

Meeting Minutes 1/24/17



  • Who are we?

Meeting Minutes

‚ó謆¬† A student run organization designed to introduce Communication Arts & Science (CAS) students to the advertising and public relations community.

  • What do we do?

‚ó謆¬† At our meetings, we host guest speakers and student panels, run workshops, take agency tours, and create #friendships with other students in the field.

  • Why is this beneficial to me?

‚ó謆¬† All of the activities we host are for you to gain experience and knowledge of the advertising and public relations field.

Student Opportunities

  • Students can write for our blog and social media


  • March 24th
  • We will be driving Friday morning and return Friday evening.
  • We will be visiting Motion PR, and Energy BBDO so far
  • Hoping to nail two more places
  • Follow this link in you are interested in going to Chicago

‚ó謆¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† wcBeRePD_MZsv_nY6Rreg0sEYOEA/viewform?c=0&w=1

Next Meeting

  • Feb. 7th at 6 p.m. in 173 CAS
  • Topic: Valentines Day card making for Sparrow, Crash Course for Career Fair



General Meeting Notes 11/29/16

About Rocio

  • MSU Alumni

Meeting Minutes 11/29

Guest Speaker: Rocio Munoz

  • Studied Advertising Management and Media with a minor in Spanish
  • Interned at FAITH Catholic magazine
  • After graduation used MySpartanCareer (now Handshake) to find opportunities while in college as well as post graduation
  • Currently Assistant Analyst at ZenithOptimedia in Chicago
  • Did a training internship with Zenith in Media Buying and Digital Analytics

Tips from Rocio

  • Keep your resume polished
  • Update Linkedin often
  • Stay up to date on industry news/trends

‚ó謆 ¬†Employers are usually impressed by this knowledge

  • Apply for any and all opportunities
  • Practice interviewing
  • Leverage contacts/connections

‚ó謆 ¬†Mentors are helpful

  • Join student organizations
  • Travel/study abroad

‚ó謆 ¬†Companies like candidates that have different experiences

‚ó謆 ¬†Exposed to different cultures

  • Be you!
  • Be confident in interviews
  • If you don‚Äôt know something, employers like to see that you are interested in learning
  • How can you help the company reach their goals?

Searching for Housing Recommendations

  • Craigslist (sublet)
  • Radpad (app)
  • Airbnb


  • What are some things you wish you knew in college:

‚ó謆 ¬†Look sooner for jobs

‚ó謆 ¬†Don’t get caught up in graduating; you need to find a job

‚ó謆 ¬†In the adv/com fields there are less jobs in the winter

‚ó謆 ¬†Have multiple people look at your resume

  • Why Chicago?

‚ó謆 ¬†Not many jobs in hometown

‚ó謆 ¬†Chicago is close to Michigan

‚ó謆 ¬†Always attracted to Chicago

‚ó謆 ¬†The agencies are more innovative and open to new ideas

‚ó謆 ¬†Chicago is one of the hubs for adv/com agencies

  • Was your training program paid? How did you manage your finances?

‚ó謆 ¬†It was paid, not much

‚ó謆 ¬†Experience gained was worth it

‚ó謆 ¬†Budgeted to get by

‚ó謆¬†¬† Do your research and develop a budget for housing and expenses to make your pay work

  • Where did you study abroad? Did you make connections?

‚ó謆 ¬†International advertising program

‚ó謆 ¬†Went to Amsterdam, Paris, and London

‚ó謆 ¬†Explored agencies

‚ó謆 ¬†Used a connection from Leo Burnett France to get her resume to Leo Burnett


  • Was your internship helpful in your job hunt?

‚ó謆 ¬†It did not help in the job hunt

‚ó謆¬†¬† The internship was paid but it was non-profit (non profits typically do not pay interns)

‚ó謆 ¬†Was offered a job in sales but it did not interest her

‚ó謆 ¬†Instead looked for opportunities to help grow, career wise

‚ó謆 ¬†The internship was helpful for current role (Excel, data) Zenith Interns

  • Only for post graduation
  • 2 cycles

‚ó謆 ¬†Winter

‚ó謆 ¬†Late summer

  • Zenith Media Training Program



Stay in Touch

To download the information in the post: PDF/Word

General Meeting Notes 11/8/16

Meeting Minutes 11/8

LinkedIn Workshop



‚óč$15/semester or $25/both semester

‚óčTurn in asap

‚óŹNext Meeting: Nov. 29th 6 p.m.

‚óŹLet Erika ( if you are interested in going to Chicago

‚óčNo price set, just garnering interest

‚óčAny agencies you want to visit, let us know

General Tips


‚óčBosses, co-workers can endorse your skills

‚óŹJob Hunt

‚óčCan find and apply for job opportunities

‚óčCan search for opportunities

‚óŹKeep it updated

‚óčEspecially looking for a job

‚óčKeep everything consistent

‚óčHave a professional-looking photo

‚óŹConnect with‚Ķ





‚óčGuest Speakers


Example of LinkedIn Profile

‚óŹUsed VP & Interim President Breanna Ratering‚Äôs profile



‚óč‚ÄúStudent at Michigan State University‚ÄĚ

‚óčSome companies are specifically looking for students

‚óŹLink to personal site

‚óčBreanna uses


‚óčClass level


‚óčCurrent position

‚óčWhat she did this summer (internship)

‚óčWhat she is looking for in a career

‚óŹExperience Section

‚óčCopied from resume

‚óčThis section you can add documents and links to support your experience

‚óŹVolunteer Section

‚óčMost employers like so experience

‚óŹOrganizations Section

‚óčAdd Ad|Com

‚óčAdd any organization you are involved with

‚óŹJust so you know‚Ķ

‚óčLinkedIn tracks who viewed your profile

‚óčAlso, tracks who you look at

‚óčBottom line: you can see who looked at your profile

General Ad|Com Meeting Notes – 10/4/16

General Assembly Meeting: 10/4/2016

  1. Upperclassmen Q & A: Classes, midterms, & everything in between
    1. Where to find internships?
      1. Check out Handshake!
      2. Use your connections
      3. Go to Career Fairs
      4. Check out company websites
    2. Just joined ADV, what classes are good to take at the start of this program ?
      1. ADV 260: Principles for PR
        1. The instructor, Robert Kolt, is extremely knowledgable
        2. Information directly related with your major
  • Taught by a professional in the industry
  1. ADV 225: Writing for PR
    1. This class is super handy
    2. You are learning skills that WILL help you succeed in the industry
  • Note: Assignments help build your portfolio & give you writing samples to give to future employers
  1. Organization tips
    1. Evernote
      1. Can take notes in app/website
      2. Upload photos
  • Can cross reference all material uploaded through a search bar
  1. My Homework App
    1. Allows you to input your syllabus
    2. Set reminders
  • Gives you a daily task list
  1. How to stand out with limited experience
    1. Word your resume with buzz words & transform plain wording into something amazing
      1. EX: ‚ÄúTalked with students and professors‚ÄĚ change that to ‚ÄúA liaison between students and professors‚ÄĚ
    2. Resume
      1. Note that as you gain more experience and time goes on, naturally jobs will no longer be on your resume
      2. Create a master resume to keep track of all your experience
      3. Tailor your resume to the job
    3. Other great organizations to join
      1. Students Rebuilding Michigan
        1. Volunteer organization
        2. Check out their website for more info:
  • Talk to Melissa!
  1. Impact 89fm: Student run on-campus radio station


  1. Can volunteer for their promotions team (Renamed ‚ÄúStreet Team‚ÄĚ)
  2. Meeting info: Mondays at 8 p.m. in G4 Holden Hall
  1. Hall Government/RHA
    1. Anyone who lives on campus can get involved
    2. Ask your RA
  2. Undergraduate Communication Association
    1. Student organization for those pursuing a degree in Communication
    2. Meeting Info: Mondays at 6:30 p.m. in CAS
  3. Women in Business Student Association
    1. Student organization in the Broad College of Business
    2. Meetings: Bi-weekly Wednesdays at 6:30 p.m. in N100 of BCC
  4. Public Relations Student Society of America
    1. Professional Student organization for those pursuing PR
    2. After college, professionals can join PRSA at the national level
  • Meetings: Bi-weekly Tuesdays at 7 p.m. in CAS
  1. VIM Magazine
    1. Beauty and lifestyle student run magazine
    2. Offers many other opportunities besides writing fashion articles
  • Meetings: Mondays at 9 p.m. in Bessey Hall
  1. Bailey Scholars Program
    1. Program based on education, community, and leadership
    2. Check out their site for more info:
  • Talk to Stephanie!
  1. Wharton Center Marketing
    1. Student organization that helps run the marketing for the Wharton Center
    2. Meetings: Every Thursday at 6 p.m. at the Wharton Center

For a PDF version of this press this link. PDF

September 20, 2016 Meeting Notes

September 20, 2016 Meeting Notes

(note from the Jessica: The pdf version is better to read than the one below. Here is the link: September 20, 2016 Meeting Notes.)

General Assembly

Meeting Minutes 9/20/16 ‚ÄúQuestion, Answer, Create: How to Maximize your Major‚ÄĚ Presented by¬†Amanda Vasas

I. Introductions of Amanda Vasas

A. Michigan State University

1. Graduated from MSU with a B.A. in Communication

2. Was involved with Undergraduate Communication Association (UCA) & Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA)

3. Has been working at MSU for 3 years

B. After graduation
1. Worked for a PR agency, Bailey & Associates
a) Good environment
b) Multiple different experiences
(1) healthcare, automotive, ghostwriting, event planning, media relations, media tracking, public affairs
2. Internal Marketing at MSU
a) Branding of on campus organizations
b) Editor of internal communications magazine
c) Experience in social media and web design

C. Now 1. Teaches ADV 225: Writing for PR 2. Runs Private Lesson business

II. “Question, Answer, Create: How to Maximize your Major

A. On campus experiences
a. ‚ÄúGetting experience makes¬†you more marketable‚ÄĚ
b. Narrow down what you want to do
i. Start at your goals for MSU
ii. Move to your goals in CAS
c. Attend college events
i. Find interests on your own time
ii. Ask yourself, is this something I want to pursue? Why or why not?

iii. Pay attention to flyers about organizations on on campus opportunities
d. Connect with Professors
i. They have connections
ii. Find out who they are, their past experiences, and their current research (if they partake)
1. Look up their bio on CAS website
iii. Introduce yourself!
iv. Ask questions, interview them
B.  PR minor info a. Must at least be a sophomore
b. GPA: 3.0 or greater c. Must complete ADV 260 & ADV 225 (or JRN 200)
d. Many career opportunities

C. ADV 402: Special Topics
a. Take agency tours in New York and Chicago
b. Guest¬†speakers¬†from¬†Lansing professionals D.¬†Practice! a. ‚ÄúBegin¬†with the end in mind‚ÄĚ
b. Need some sort of experience to find a job post graduation
c. Make connections with your peers d. Make opportunities
e. Use class projects as writing samples for your portfolio
f. Track measurement of your experiences
i. What was the result?
g. Set goals
i. Where do I want to be at the end of my degree, semester, etc?
h. Read the news
i. Know the headlines
ii. You are more marketable the more you know
iii. Student recommendation: try¬†‚Äúthe Skimm‚ÄĚ
1. Summary of news in a millennial mind set and lingo
E. Be Realistic
a. There is only so much you can do in a given time
c. Set manageable goals
d. Quality of experience is better than quantity
F. Track experiences
a. Keep a folder or word doc of your experiences
i. Internships
ii. Volunteer work
iii. Greek life
iv. Student organizations
v. Class work
vi. Identify the client, new software uses, tasks, etc.
G. Linkedin a. Get on it!
b. Professional social media site
c. More in depth version of your resume
H. Other great resources
a. Check out events on Handshake

b. CAS career resources
c. MSU Career Network
I. Advice a. Stay organized
b. Avoid burn out

c. Make decisions and stand by them

d. Don’t go into the field for the industry but for the skills
e. Be open minded to new experiences and opportunities
f. Find mentors
g. You don’t have to have a set plan
i. Setting goals better option
h. Busy is not the same as challenged
i. Be mindful who you associate with
i. Associate with people with similar values
j. Be humble, be gracious
k. Sometimes you need to be creative to find opportunities
l. When applying for a job/internship find someone in that organization to get the scoop and to connect with them
m. You are investing into a company just like a company is investing in you III. Additional Membership Details
A. Dues
a. Go towards social events, food, Chicago Trip, etc.
b. $15/semester OR $25/year c. DUE OCTOBER 4TH d. Issues?

Contact Breanna or Reagan i. Breanna: ii. Reagan:

General Meeting Notes 9/6/16

General Assembly: 9/6/16

I. Overview of AD|COM

A. Formally SIAA

B. Overview of some of the things we do/ will be doing this year

1. Guest speakers, workshops, Adobe 101, Chicago

C. E­board introductions

D. Members dues 1. $15/semester OR $25/year 2. Due next meeting: 9/20

E. Introductions of members 1. Name, major, why they were interested in joining

a) Common themes: wanted experience & wanted to meet people with similar interests (#friendship)

F. Questions

1. Anyone interested in becoming a part of the Communications Team?

a) 6 responses

(1) One student has experience in videography

(a) E­board members at the meeting discussed how he could help our social media

(i) Youtube videos, videos on webpages, videos on instagram, etc

II. Next Steps

A. Reagan

1. Distribute an application for Communications Team

B. Erika

1. Email all members a recap of the meeting & prezi slides

2. Email all members a reminder before second meeting

a) Include that dues are due

A pdf is in this link.