9/10/17 E-Board Meeting Notes

9/10/17 Notes

Start time: 3:00


Discussing Roles

  • Add new roles to the Comm Team
    • Social media manager, graphic designer, etc‚Ķ
  • Communication role – add to secretarial role
    • Maintaining newsletter, updating showcase – go inside advising office, and tell them you‚Äôre here for the showcase
      • Can‚Äôt use staples
      • Update bi-weekly
      • Meeting things (3 in 30?)
  • Natalie: Fundraising
    • Make sure we have fundraising opportunities, liaison between STS and us
  • Megan: Vice Pres & Treasurer

Is Slack working?

  • Possibly Facebook group, text messaging, or GroupMe
    • Check with everyone about Facebook

Social Media Manager

  • Define roles, how many times to post, etc‚Ķ

General Meeting Dates and Times

  • Monday at 5:00
  • Maybe determine where people are living and schedule a week from there?
  • First meeting: September 25th
    • Advertise!!
    • Put in Newsletter and social!!!

E-Board Meetings

  • As needed
  • Schedule, and if we don‚Äôt need it, cancel
  • Tentative: December 3rd
  • Tentative: November 5th

Meeting Ideas

  • What do other clubs do?
    • Guest Speakers!
  • Work on advertising!
  • What does our group do?
    • Building a foundation for students
    • Re-vamping the brand
      • Communicate better to students who we are
  • Workshops
    • Video Interview
    • Talk about what it‚Äôs like to work for different types of companies
    • Get someone from Career Services to come in and talk (1st meeting)
  • More guided student panel
  • Resume workshop
  • Work towards getting people connected and ready for internships
    • How to find them
    • Job shadows
    • LinkedIn
    • Build on it
    • Choosing classes
  • Room 181


Themes for meetings going forward

  • 9/25: Career Services – what should students do to prepare for the career fair
  • 10/9: Internship Student Panel ¬†
  • 10/23: LinkedIn and Resume
  • 11/6: Elevator pitch, dressing appropriately, practice with each other
  • 11/27: Here‚Äôs what we‚Äôre doing next semester, take survey and give people options …Stick with us next semester and be prepared for the Career Fair in February


  • Table with shoes, raffle off shoes, games, adcom swag, water pong, cornhole, etc‚Ķ
  • Talk about AdCom
    • Mini tailgate
  • November 4th
  • Rent a table or find something

End time: 4:00



Ad | Com E-Board Meeting Notes 4/2/17

    • Breanna
      • Jono – no updates
      • Sign forms
      • Going to see Adam Winans (Student Services) with Erika week of 4/3 to get added to Community
    • Erika
      • 108 newsletter subscriber
      • 50% open rate
      • Send reviews and letters of rec to mr. al.
    • Jessi
    • Gemma
    • Megan
    • Natalie
      • Could you put together a fundraising proposal for Jono and the shoes for the fall 2017 by 5/1?
      • Breanna can work with you since she has Jono context
    • Melissa and JaKaira
    • Next Meeting 4/11
      • Ideas
      • Goal setting?
        • Job shadow
        • Internship
          • Keep track of your accomplishments
        • Put together resumes
      • Should we still have a meeting on 4/25?- Cancelled
    • Announcements
    • Amanda:

    SS17 Report

    • What has been successful?
      • Erika‚Äôs Newsletter
      • Workshops, WIFM
      • E-board (right now)
    • What has not worked?
      • Guest Speaker
      • Plan trips better (local first next year). Partner with another group on this
      • More social opportunities
    • What do we do keep/change for FS17?
      • More workshops
      • More socials, even if it‚Äôs just casually meet for food/coffee
        • Meet and greet
      • Volunteer event, Fenner, SRM
    • What are our goals for FS17?
      • More membership (ongoing)
      • More focused workshops
      • Planned promotions (flyers, social media)
        • Powerpoint slide for professors
      • Planned Sparticipation, Com Arts Connect
      • Feedback survey on newsletter

    Fall 2017 Planning

    • Eboard
      • Please let Breanna know by Friday 4/21 if you would like to be on Eboard for FS17
      • Next year E-board members will be required to miss no more than 2 general meetings and 1 e-board meeting each semester, unless an emergency presents itself.
        • If you can‚Äôt commit to the time commitment, general membership may be more suited
    • What is AD|COM‚Äôs USP
      • Also known as a unique selling proposition (USP), your USP is a clear statement that describes the benefit of your offer, how you solve your customer’s needs and what distinguishes you from the competition.
      • A tight-knit and friendly group that works toward getting to know its members and making them feel comfortable within professional organizations (as opposed to large clubs where you can get lost in the mix). Ad Com isn‚Äôt hyper focused on one major, we are about exploring other majors and allowing members to move up into e-board.
    • How do we increase engagement/membership (both among eboard and general membership?)
      • AOP
        • Let‚Äôs look into that – Megan
      • Sparticipation
        • Do we want to order any collateral/promotional materials for FS17 to hand out at AOP/Sparticipation?
        • Stickers, pens, flyers
        • 8/29
    • Meeting Ideas
      • Social event/Mixer with other AD or PR clubs
        • Possible merger?
        • Delta Dental guest speaker
        • PR merger
        • Merge for a give back thursday
      • Guest speakers/Workshop (what did you think of the Sandbox storytelling event I sent you?)
        • Workshops work well
        • More guest speakers like Rocio
          • Delta Dental
          • Breanna Netvantage
          • Speak on intern job experiences
          • Amanda guest speaker
        • Social media, digital marketing/SEO, Research on companies, mock career fair, Resume/Linkedin, Writing, How to set yourself apart
      • Campaign competition (something we start with first meeting and continue throughout semester? ‚Äď focus on an element of campaign at each meeting?)
        • Do this with shoes or mock client at the beginning of every meeting throughout semester
        • Great idea!
        • This could be the icebreaker
        • Greg Taucher
      • Mentorship
        • E-board member be the mentor, google form if they want to do, phone number quick advice for a class, insight on e-board

E- Board Meeting Notes 2/19/17

  • Breanna
    • Account info
      • Student Life account: $301.96
      • Comm Arts Account: $682
      • Cash: $215
    • Reagan resigned and Paola
    • Please come to meetings and let me know at least 24 hours in advance if you can‚Äôt
    • What‚Äôs going on-o with Jon-o?
      • Propose ideas to him?
  • Erika
    • Blog/social media drafting?
    • Let’s take a group shot with the new Sparty
  • Megan
    • Treasurer binder
    • Shoes (take a pic with them)
  • Gemma
    • Update of glass case on main floor of CAS across from 181 – who has the key?
      • Tentative meeting schedule in this?
      • Emailed somebody from CAS, waiting for a response!
    • Include list of upcoming meetings and a spot for upcoming meeting info?
      • Is there a place I can find this info? I tried writing it down last meeting, but it went by super fast.
    • Include call-to-action about becoming a member/finding out more?
      • Will do!
    • Meeting minutes and follow-up
  • Stephanie
    • Update on collateral material research
    • Discussion surrounding strategy for materials
    • Shoes
    • Dublin/Harpers? Is it too late? Research for the Fall?
  • Jessi
    • Should we make a spreadsheet/assignment system for promotion? (Erika like this)
    • Blog submission updates from members (this might be for Erika?)
    • Fenner Volunteer Maple Syrup(?) March 18
  • Melissa and JaKaira
    • Division of duties:
    • Emailing PPT slide to faculty in advance of general meetings
    • Social Media
    • Pounding pavement
    • Coffee/Candy giveaways/general promotion
      • Later march early april
      • Comm Arts
      • 2nd to last
  • Amanda
    • AD|Com regroup and (almost) mid-semester check-in – April 2 E-board Meeting
    • Goals for SS17
    • Planning for FS17
  • Chicago Trip
    • We are not going
    • Please email any companies we have secured
      • Could someone please draft a form email for the group to use that explains rationale and seeks to preserve relationship for next year‚Äôs tour? – Erika‚Äôs language.
    • Lansing trip?
      • Studio Crawl?
      • Contact companies?
      • Bob Kolt, Netvantage, LE & A, Piper and Gold, Truscott Rossman, Old Town Commercial
      • March 24
        • Draft email
  • 2/21 meeting
    • Photoshop
    • Jessi do you need help?
    • 2 truths and a lie icebreaker
  • 3/14 meeting?
    • What should we do?
    • Comm Arts class panel?
    • Erika has an interesting idea ūüôā
    • Well guest speaker emailed me back and he is coming on this date
    • Pie? Pizza pie?
  • 3/28 meeting?
    • Lansing
  • Possible guest speaker
    • Allen Bialik AFB media marketing
    • Workshop style?
  • Designing for college of natural resources
    • My name is Sarah. I am part of a group working on a project with the College of Natural Science and the RHA focused on diversity and inclusion. This is a project to create videos and posters that highlight diversity using real stories of people on campus. We are looking for graphic designers and photographers who would like to join our team. Projects would include: design of the email templates we will be sending out to students throughout the semester, posters, a logo, etc. If you know anyone interested, please give them my contact information so we can meet and discuss the details.
    • Show to members via email/slides
    • hodges18@msu.edu
  • March 19 E-board?
    • Yes 7:00 pm

E-Board Meeting Minutes 1/29/17



  • Breanna

‚ó謆 ¬†Giveaway

‚Ė†¬† ¬†Megan Cunningham won!

‚Ė†¬† ¬†Will take a pic for social media

‚ó謆 ¬†Jono and shoes

‚Ė†¬† ¬†Target Greek Life

‚Ė†¬† ¬†Stephanie can you help with this?

‚Ė†¬† ¬†Erika will be making a list for a pitch in the fall 2017

‚ó謆 ¬†Contact Rocio about Chicago?

‚Ė†¬† ¬†Contacted waiting for response

‚ó謆 ¬†Get stickers from Melissa

‚Ė†¬† ¬†Waiting on Melissa

‚ó謆 ¬†Look into resizing stickers

‚Ė†¬† ¬†Will be looking into

  • Staples
  • Other online companies
  • Printing
  • vistaprint

‚ó謆 ¬†Community Update – room reserve

‚Ė†¬† ¬†Breanna is on that

‚ó謆 ¬†Financial update for next e-board meeting

‚Ė†¬† ¬†Breanna will be checking up on this

‚ó謆 ¬†Agenda printing

  • Erika

‚ó謆 ¬†Update on ASMSU Funding?

‚Ė†¬† ¬†Asking for $250

‚ó謆 ¬†Student Writings

‚Ė†¬† ¬†We have two people interested

  • Reagan

‚ó謆 ¬†Update on contacting ESCAPE ROOM

‚ó謆 ¬†PPT slide about ADCOM for profs

‚ó謆 ¬†Update on adding ADCOM to CAS newsletter weekly/biweekly

‚ó謆 ¬†Update on asking profs for extra credit for members that attend our meetings

‚ó謆 ¬†Update on Dublins/Harpers social gathering information?

  • Stephanie

‚ó謆 ¬†Update on research findings for stickers, notepads, folders, pens, etc.

‚ó謆 ¬†Update on Dublins/Harpers social gathering information?

  • Gemma

‚ó謆 ¬†Duties in progress/onboarding

‚ó謆 ¬†General meeting flyer in glass case in CAS

‚ó謆 ¬†Any questions for e-board

  • Paola, JaKaira, Jessi

‚ó謆 ¬†Jessi


‚Ė†¬† ¬†I¬† need help on getting the slides to professors.

  • Amanda is working on a list

‚Ė†¬† ¬†Do any more flyers need to be made?

  • Flyer for the next meetings

‚Ė†¬† ¬†Ad | Com reach through the email seemed like somewhat of a success.

So I’ll keep doing that. Or someone else.

‚Ė†¬† ¬†Does anyone think that Well‚Äôs Hall did well?

  • Not as successful, will do one in CAS
  • Need excel spreadsheet for sign up times

‚Ė†¬†¬†¬† Does anyone have meeting notes for 1/24? Link to the Prezi? Nice prezi btw. It looked cool.


‚ó謆 ¬†Social media plans?

‚Ė†¬† ¬†Keep posting at least once a week on website.

‚Ė†¬† ¬†Throw in some member spotlights into the FB and Website.

‚Ė†¬†¬†¬† Instagram doesn‚Äôt seem updated so it would be a good idea to bring that back up to speed. Maybe a posting once every other week for that.

‚Ė†¬† ¬†Twitter seems fine because of the automatic updates.

‚ó謆 ¬†Paola

‚Ė†¬† ¬†Update on ongoing tasks/duties

‚ó謆 ¬†JaKaira

‚Ė†¬† ¬†Update on progress/onboarding

  • Amanda

‚ó謆 ¬†Looking into professor listserv for Jessi/Com Team

‚ó謆 ¬†Rides/to eboard meetings available!

  • Next Meeting: SuperBowl and Valentine‚Äôs Card making for Sparrow

‚ó謆 ¬†Get construction paper, scissors, glue, markers, glitter etc.

‚Ė†¬† ¬†Everyone please check their stashes

‚ó謆 ¬†Where do we donate them?

‚Ė†¬† ¬†Stephanie?

‚ó謆 ¬†Watch SuperBowl ads?

‚ó謆 ¬†CAS Connect Career Fair is 2/10- maybe do something for that?

‚Ė†¬† ¬†Small talk

  • List of employers
  • Questions
  • Elevator speech crash course
  • What to wear
  • Copy of resume to demo
  • Meetings for the rest of the semester

‚ó謆 ¬†Plan these

‚ó謆 ¬†I will not be at the Feb. 21 meeting

  • Do I owe anyone money?

‚ó謆 ¬†Jessica — FB boosted post. $5


‚ó謆 ¬†Who bought what last semester?

  • Chicago

‚ó謆 ¬†Google form

‚Ė†¬† ¬†8 people

‚ó謆 ¬†We got Energy BBDO

‚ó謆 ¬†Motion PR

‚ó謆 ¬†Company updates?

‚Ė†¬† ¬†Need to contact A&E again in mid Feb.

‚ó謆 ¬†Drivers

  • Accountability
  • Next Meeting

‚ó謆 ¬†2/21: photoshop workshop

‚ó謆 ¬†3/14: chicago

‚ó謆 ¬†3/28: Chicago recap social event

‚ó謆 ¬†4/11: CAS Panel

‚ó謆¬†¬† 4/25: New Eboard, food, what to do over the summer, crafty 3 goals, bring back those 3 goals for an entry into a giveaway in the fall

E-Board Meeting Notes: 1/15/17


  • New Secretary Gemma

E-Board Meeting 1/15/17

  • New Comm Team addition JaKaira


  • Leave Friday morning, come back Friday evening
  • See if anyone can drive/ look into zipcar
  • Find talent acquisitions employees or HR Specialists on Linkedin to contact for agency tours
  • 4 company visits
  • Agencies visiting

‚ó謆 ¬†Motion PR

‚ó謆 ¬†Ketchum (maybe)

‚ó謆 ¬†A & E Networks (maybe)

‚ó謆 ¬†Zenithoptimedia (maybe)

Wells Hall

  • January 23rd from 11-2 p.m.
  • Bre can be there from 11-12 p.m.
  • Need others to fill in the space
  • Candy
  • Small flyers for $5 off membership
  • Mention on newsletter

First Meeting

  • Icebreaker

‚ó謆 ¬†Find a partner and interview them

‚ó謆 ¬†Leads into Ad|Com Student Spotlight

Student Spotlight

  • New feature for the website
  • Students can interview other students about anything. Special projects, interview, future goals, anything to brag about, etc
  • Will be featured in the newsletter and on the site once a week

Next Meeting

  • January 29th 7 p.m. either Reagan‚Äôs or Erika‚Äôs


  • Erika

‚ó謆 ¬†Contact Bre about Wells hall, shoes,

‚ó謆 ¬†Get in touch with Reagan & Paola

‚ó謆 ¬†ASMSU Funding

  • Stephanie

‚ó謆 ¬†Check out prices for notepads, pens, etc

‚ó謆 ¬†Check out fundraising nights at Harpers & Dublin

  • Jessi

‚ó謆 ¬†Flyers for Wells Hall

‚ó謆 ¬†PPT for professors

  • Reagan

‚ó謆 ¬†Progress on Winter Break things

E-Board Meeting Notes 12/4/16


E-Board Meeting 12/4/16

  • ADCOM at checkout will garner free shipping, entry into a raffle for an exclusive pair of shoes, and give the org $10.
  • 20% off all month
  • Greek Houses now have the opportunity to get customizable shoes


  • No longer coming back
  • Breanna new President
  • Restructure of the e-board will happen over break

Spring Semester Meeting Topic Ideas

  • Photoshop workshop
  • CAS career fair tips
  • Portfolio workshop
  • Case Study: Stephanie & Reagan

What was a success this semester?

  • Social media garnered much attention and has had steady posting
  • CAS newsletter mentions have boosted our attendance

What was not a success?

  • T-shirts

‚ó謆 ¬†Was not enough interest

‚ó謆 ¬†Will try next semester

  • Need more campus outreach

Merchandise for Chicago/useful

  • Notepads
  • Pins
  • portfolio/folder
  • Generic folders with large adcom sticker
  • Steno Pads with sticker on cover

Outreach ideas

  • Get involved with local charities

‚ó謆 ¬†Volunteer

‚ó謆 ¬†Donate

  • Hand out stickers once a month
  • Possible switch meeting dates to another day to accommodate students
  • Valentine‚Äôs Day cards for Sparrow hospital (talk to Stephanie)
  • Ask profs if they will offer extra credit for students to attend our meetings
  • Ask profs to show a ppt slide about our org
  • Look into advertising with Center Cinemas

‚ó謆 ¬†On bags

‚ó謆 ¬†An ad before the movie

‚ó謆 ¬†Sponsor a movie

  • Host a mixer at a local establishment

‚ó謆 ¬†Invite CAS

‚ó謆 ¬†Percentage of sales go to ADCOM

Things to change

  • Get an actual room
  • Make the newsletter more consistent and newslettery

Ways to get members involved

  • Member spotlight on social media/newsletter
  • Draft blog/social media posts
  • Icebreakers at beginning of meetings
  • Mentor-mentee program


  • ESCAPE ROOM (talk to Reagan)
  • Oscar watch party
  • Student Super Bowl watch party/ad review
  • Bowling at the union
  • Spare Time social event
  • NCG $5 movie nights

Goals for Next Semester

  • More social activities
  • Membership spotlight
  • More outreach acitivites
  • 1 social activity & 1 fundraising activity a month


  • Over break everyone needs to contact at least 1 company
  • Record contact on spreadsheet
  • Contact companies within a short distance of each other
  • Zenith Optimedia will most likely be the central location
  • Ask members if there is anywhere they want to go within Chicago

Spring Semester Dates and Topics

1/23- Wells Hall Outreach with S2S 11am-2 pm

1/24- 1st meeting of the semester: shoes giveaway, cookies, Chicago info,discount on dues

2/7- CAS Career Fair Prep


3/14- Pi Day

3/28- Recap of Chicago/discussion


4/25- Last Meeting of the year



  • Breanna

‚ó謆 ¬†Contact Rocio about Chicago

‚ó謆 ¬†Get stickers from Melissa

‚ó謆 ¬†Look into resizing stickers

  • Erika

‚ó謆 ¬†Email members about ideas for Chicago

‚ó謆 ¬†Contact at least one organization for Chicago

‚ó謆 ¬†Newsletter format

  • Jessi

‚ó謆 ¬†Contact at least one organization for Chicago

‚ó謆 ¬†PPT slide about ADCOM for profs

‚ó謆 ¬†Add ADCOM to CAS newsletter weekly/biweekly

  • Reagan


‚ó謆 ¬†Contact at least one organization for Chicago

‚ó謆 ¬†PPT slide about ADCOM for profs

‚ó謆 ¬†Add ADCOM to CAS newsletter weekly/biweekly

‚ó謆 ¬†Asking profs for extra credit for members that attend our meetings

‚ó謆 ¬†Dublins/Harpers social gathering ????

  • Stephanie

‚ó謆 ¬†Contact at least one organization for Chicago

‚ó謆 ¬†Research stickers, notepads, folders, pens, etc.

  • Paola

‚ó謆 ¬†Contact at least one organization for Chicago

E-Board Meeting Notes 11/21

Sole 2 Soul

  • Social Media takeover

‚ó謆 ¬†Divide up

  • Commision

E-Board Meeting 11/20

‚ó謆 ¬†Ad|Com would have own code

‚ó謆 ¬†Commision would go to club

  • Raffle off a pair of shoes

Roccio Gracino

  • Guest Speaker: 11/29
  • Possibly pizza or cookies
  • Works at Optimedia Chicago
  • Will present through Skype
  • Any questions can come right up to the screen
  • Questions:

‚ó謆 ¬†Process of moving to a big city

‚ó謆 ¬†Finding a job after college

‚ó謆 ¬†Interview process

‚ó謆 ¬†Living process

Next E-board Meeting

  • Next E-board meeting: Retreat style
  • Dec. 4th 7 p.m. Grand Traverse Pie Company
  • 1 pg reflection on:

‚ó謆 ¬†Meeting status

‚ó謆 ¬†Outreach efforts

‚ó謆 ¬†Attendance records

‚ó謆 ¬†Update on social media impacts

‚ó謆 ¬†Ideas for spring meetings

‚ó謆 ¬†Where we can improve

‚ó謆 ¬†How to better serve our target audience

‚ó謆 ¬†How can we tailor meetings to our target

‚ó謆 ¬†What was successful

‚ó謆 ¬†Deliverables?

‚ó謆 ¬†Evaluation of financial records

‚Ė†¬† ¬†Money we started with

‚Ė†¬† ¬†Money we have now

‚Ė†¬† ¬†expenditures


  • Leave: March 23rd ‚Üí Come back: March 24th
  • Transportation

‚ó謆 ¬†Megabus around $50

‚ó謆 ¬†Members arrange their own transportation

‚Ė†¬† ¬†Bus, car, train, plane whatever the member prefers

‚Ė†¬† ¬†Members pay for their transportation out of pocket and on their own time

‚ó謆 ¬†Members will be given a time to check in the hotel

  • Hotel

‚ó謆 ¬†Hostel from last year (IHSP Hostel)

‚ó謆 ¬†Cost estimated: $10/person

Next Semester Ideas

  • Photoshop workshop
  • Portfolio workshop
  • mentor/mentee program
  • Coffee at the Rock
  • Table at Wells

‚ó謆 ¬†Shoes giveaway

‚ó謆 ¬†Drawing will be done at first meeting, must be in attendance

‚ó謆 ¬†Ask Jono to get the winners size

Upcoming Dates

11/29: Last fall semester meeting: Guest Speaker Roccio Gracino

12/4: E-board meeting, 7 p.m., Grand Traverse Pie Company

1/23: Wells Hall Giveaway

1/24: 1st Spring semester meeting

E-Board Notes for 11/2/16

E-Board Meeting Minutes 11/2/16


‚óŹPossible places to tour near Ogilvy & Mather

‚óčWrigley Building

‚óčTrump Tower

‚óčTribune Tower

‚óčLeo Burnett (may need to call them)

‚óčNBC Tower

‚óčThe Chicago Theater

‚óŹPossibly leave Thursday night, come home Friday or Saturday

Change of Leadership

‚óŹBreanna is interim President till end of semester, for now

‚óŹNo VP at this time

‚óŹWill reassess leadership at the end of the semester

‚óŹEveryone, step up to fill excess role

Linkedin Workshop

‚óŹHead shots



‚óŹCritiques of members profiles


‚óŹOnly 2 members interested

‚óŹHold off for now, maybe next semester

Last Meeting of the Semester

‚óŹMoved from the 22nd to the 29th

‚óŹTheme: Skype session with past President

Moving Forward


‚óčPPT for Linkedin Workshop

‚óčContacting past president as guest speaker


‚óčPoll for bus costs + if anyone has a reliable car

‚óčASMSU funding


‚óčFlyer for Linkedin Workshop

E-Board Meeting 10/16/16

E-Board Meeting 10/16/16

‚óŹ Shoes

‚óč Want to move into guerilla marketing

‚óč Ambassadors get $10 for every pair of shoes sold

‚óč Incentive helps determine own participation

‚óč Customers will have to use a special coupon code

‚óč Ambassadors will get $5 for every Ambassador referral

‚óč Work as a team instead of individuals

‚óŹ T-Shirts

‚óč Stephanie going tomorrow to order/get a better price

‚óč 1st order: E-board

‚óč 2nd: General

‚óŹ Erika

‚óč One voter registered

‚óč We did not win contest

‚óč 10 members are paid

‚óč 100 or so people on email list…50% open them

‚óŹ Jessi

‚óč Posting on site daily

‚óč Posts from our social as well as CAS

‚óŹ Amanda

‚óč How are we doing on our goals?

‚Ė† Membership is going well

‚Ė† We have a close-knit environment that can be appealing

‚Ė† Last meeting of the semester geared toward Professional development/guest speakers

‚óŹ Next Meeting

‚óč Reagan & Stephanie will be buying pumpkins

‚óč Everyone else bring what they can

‚óč Mini-meeting after for eboard

‚óŹ Last 2 Meetings

‚óč Professional development/guest speakers

‚óč Nov.8-Linkedin

‚óč Nov.22-Karl Gude??

‚óč Contacting Motion PR & Rocio

‚óŹ Social Event

‚óč Cider Mill

‚óč Need to finalize date

‚óč Possibly in Nov.

‚óŹ Chicago

‚óč Shooting for March 24th

‚óč Erika will count interest

‚óč Trip may cost $25-$35

‚óč May need to see if any general members are willing to drive

‚óč Research places to visit

‚óč Email places for a possible tour (check google doc for sample/list)

‚óč Can visit agencies, corporations, and non-profits

‚óŹ Mentorship

‚óč Implemented in the spring

‚óč Work it into meetings

‚óč Ask general members their thoughts

‚óŹ Other

‚óč Finally a registered student organization

‚óč Last E-board meeting will be 12/4 theme should be spring semester planning

‚óŹ From Here

‚óč Breanna

‚Ė† Compile Chicago agency list

‚Ė† Draft sample letter

‚óč Stephanie

‚Ė† Ordering tshirts

‚óč Paola

‚Ė† Contacting Karl Gude for possible guest speaker

‚óč Erika

‚Ė† Acquire interest in Chicago Trip via sign up sheet

E­Board Meeting 9/18/16

E­Board Meeting 9/18/16

I. Sparticipation debriefing

A. 37 Student signed up for email list

B. Students interested in us because we did not just have guest speakers at every meeting, we have more hands on opportunities

C. Also interested in not just networking with professional in the community but with other students as well.

II. General Updates

A. Breanna

  1. Hold off on dues since Sparticipation was very close to the due date

B. Stephanie

  1. Has price comparisons for t­shirts
  2. Possible fundraising venues at Tropical Smoothie & Jersey Mikes

C. Reagan

  1. Comm team will be doing sidewalk chalk
  2. Will be posting flyers soon
  3. Idea: Coffee & stickers at the Rock
  4. Facebook
  • a) Reach went from¬†97 to 588…so far
  • b) 9 interactions
  • c) 12 web clicks

5. Social media guidelines

a) 3 posts a week/medium

b) 3 established #s + 1 # specific to post

(1) #COMARTSCI (2) #friendship (3) #adcom

D. Erika

  1.  67% of newsletter recipients opened the email
  2.  Fixed links
  3.  Sending out reminder email Monday
  4. Sending out ‚ÄúWho We Are‚Ä̬†email to students¬†that signed up at sparticipation exclusively

E. Jessi

  1. Blog posts  & Meeting Minutes added to site
  2. Discussed holding off on ‚ÄúSIAA¬†experience‚ÄĚ section on site till we become more established

F. Amanda

  1. Offered her class extra credit to come to next meeting
  2. Will touch on linkedin & resume tips in addition to her original talk

III. Social Event Ideas

A. Cider Mill

  1. Uncle John’s
  2.  Member meeting
  3.  Late October
  4. Possible Mentor­Mentee get to know each other (see VII. for more details)

IV. E­Board Bonding

A. Volunteer event

B. Choose event from SRM’s volunteer events

C. Possibly at the Apple Butter festival

V. 10/4 Meeting Topic

A. Time management/organizational tips

B. Upperclassmen Student Panel

C. Talking points

  1. Apps we use to help manage our time
  2. Goal setting
  3. Introduce Mentor & Mentee program
  4. How we stay organized

VI. 10/18 Meeting Topic

A. Midterm destresser event

B. Pumpkin decorating

C. Food

D. Other activities TBD

VII. Future Meeting Ideas

A. Campaign Strategy Workshop

B. Campaign Strategy Project with STS Footwear (TBD)

C. Possible Guest Speakers

  1. Karl Gude
  2. Amanda’s friend
  3. Melissa’s new connection at Minds Wide Open

D. Mentor­Mentee system

  1. Not assigned, organic

VIII. Other

A. Changing Eboard meeting time around 6:30 or 7 p.m.

IX. Forward

A. Melissa

  1.  Checking out Volunteer information + sending link for us to choose project
  2. Contacting STS about customizing shoes + campaign strategy project
  3. Contacting Stephanie about sponsorships
  4. Possibly contacting new connection from Minds Wide Open about a Skype meeting

B. Jessica

  1. Looking into Apple Butter Festival + volunteer opportunities there

C. Reagan

  1. Contacting Professor about Campaign Strategy workshop

D. Amanda

  1. Contacting friend about possibly being a guest speaker

E. Erika

  1.  Email new members in email list
  2.  Email all members meeting reminder (minus dues)

A PDF of the eboard meeting notes are in this link