Career Fair Prep

Career Fair Prep

By: Erika Nichols

Career Fairs can be daunting. You walk in and see recruiting tables swarmed with other students who are all there for the same purpose: to get a job or internship. Your whole world, as the Fresh Prince from Bel-Air would say, get turned upside down, if just one conversations pans out.

The most important thing to do before walking into a career fair is to prepare. Preparing for the career fair will give you a more successful experience. No worries, we are here to help.

  1. Update and polish your resume

If you do not have a resume, now it a great time to make one. There are hundreds of templates online to help you out. Just remember the simpler the better. The more exotic resumes are the ones that are not professional and ultimately get trashed at the end of the day.

Make sure you keep it updated. Here are a few questions you should ask yourself as you edit. Are there any internships, jobs, or student organizations you have joined since the last time you wrote it? Are there any spelling or grammatical errors? Is my contact information clear? Do you have a LinkedIn account? Add the link!

  1. Dress professionally

Yoga pants and a cute top will not work for this event. Pull out the suit jacket and nice slacks. Pretend like this is a job interview. Would you wear yoga pants, cutoffs, or cargo shorts to one? Hopefully, your answer is no. Women go for neutral bottoms of slacks or business appropriate skirt, nice blouse, and either nice flats or a low heel. Men, opt for a suit or a nice pair of slacks, dress shirt, and tie.

  1. Research, research, research

Find out who is attending and stalk their company website and social media channels. Ask yourself, is there anything I would change about their website or social media channels? If so, make sure you bring it up. This will help you stand apart from the other hundred or so students who you are shaking the recruiters hand.

  1. Make them remember you!

The fact of the matter is that these recruiters see hundreds of people in such a short time frame, they will not remember you. The best way to get their brains moving is to send them an email. Try to bring up a memorable part of the conversation. If you are an extra bold person, give them a call. Note, this method may backfire.

There you have it, folks. Four awesome tips to get you through any career fair.


The Ins and Outs of LinkedIn

The Ins and Outs of LinkedIn

Blog Post Written by: Erika Nichols

LinkedIn aka the professional Facebook, is a social media site dedicated to helping people build a professional network. These professional networks can help you find a job, get a job offer, as well as strengthen your application. Here are a few notions that will help you get your profile up and running, so you can expand your network.

Keep everything professional

Imagine if your Myspace account was attached to your resume, how embarrassing. This account is not a place to post drunk selfies from the night before or using in appropriate language. You are trying to create an image that any employer will want in their company. This rule applies to your profile picture, email address, and language.

Grow your network!

Connect with friends, colleagues, teachers, and family members. The more you are connected with the more people your profile will reach.

Also, these people are perfect to give you a personal endorsement. Endorsements from past employers and colleagues strengthens your profile with employers.

On the hunt?

LinkedIn is a great source for job hunting. In the search bar, search a location, company, or job type. From there you should see a tab that says “Jobs”. That tab will show you job posting according to your search terms. Some of these position can be exclusive to LinkedIn.

Keep it updated!

Think of LinkedIn as an extension to your resume. When you update your resume, update your LinkedIn account.  You want employers to see the most recent image of you. You want employers to see the organization and opportunities you have been working towards. It can help make your application more powerful.

Want to see an example? Click the link: