E-Board Meeting Minutes 1/29/17



  • Breanna

○   Giveaway

■   Megan Cunningham won!

■   Will take a pic for social media

○   Jono and shoes

■   Target Greek Life

■   Stephanie can you help with this?

■   Erika will be making a list for a pitch in the fall 2017

○   Contact Rocio about Chicago?

■   Contacted waiting for response

○   Get stickers from Melissa

■   Waiting on Melissa

○   Look into resizing stickers

■   Will be looking into

  • Staples
  • Other online companies
  • Printing
  • vistaprint

○   Community Update – room reserve

■   Breanna is on that

○   Financial update for next e-board meeting

■   Breanna will be checking up on this

○   Agenda printing

  • Erika

○   Update on ASMSU Funding?

■   Asking for $250

○   Student Writings

■   We have two people interested

  • Reagan

○   Update on contacting ESCAPE ROOM

○   PPT slide about ADCOM for profs

○   Update on adding ADCOM to CAS newsletter weekly/biweekly

○   Update on asking profs for extra credit for members that attend our meetings

○   Update on Dublins/Harpers social gathering information?

  • Stephanie

○   Update on research findings for stickers, notepads, folders, pens, etc.

○   Update on Dublins/Harpers social gathering information?

  • Gemma

○   Duties in progress/onboarding

○   General meeting flyer in glass case in CAS

○   Any questions for e-board

  • Paola, JaKaira, Jessi

○   Jessi


■   I  need help on getting the slides to professors.

  • Amanda is working on a list

■   Do any more flyers need to be made?

  • Flyer for the next meetings

■   Ad | Com reach through the email seemed like somewhat of a success.

So I’ll keep doing that. Or someone else.

■   Does anyone think that Well’s Hall did well?

  • Not as successful, will do one in CAS
  • Need excel spreadsheet for sign up times

■    Does anyone have meeting notes for 1/24? Link to the Prezi? Nice prezi btw. It looked cool.


○   Social media plans?

■   Keep posting at least once a week on website.

■   Throw in some member spotlights into the FB and Website.

■    Instagram doesn’t seem updated so it would be a good idea to bring that back up to speed. Maybe a posting once every other week for that.

■   Twitter seems fine because of the automatic updates.

○   Paola

■   Update on ongoing tasks/duties

○   JaKaira

■   Update on progress/onboarding

  • Amanda

○   Looking into professor listserv for Jessi/Com Team

○   Rides/to eboard meetings available!

  • Next Meeting: SuperBowl and Valentine’s Card making for Sparrow

○   Get construction paper, scissors, glue, markers, glitter etc.

■   Everyone please check their stashes

○   Where do we donate them?

■   Stephanie?

○   Watch SuperBowl ads?

○   CAS Connect Career Fair is 2/10- maybe do something for that?

■   Small talk

  • List of employers
  • Questions
  • Elevator speech crash course
  • What to wear
  • Copy of resume to demo
  • Meetings for the rest of the semester

○   Plan these

○   I will not be at the Feb. 21 meeting

  • Do I owe anyone money?

○   Jessica — FB boosted post. $5


○   Who bought what last semester?

  • Chicago

○   Google form

■   8 people

○   We got Energy BBDO

○   Motion PR

○   Company updates?

■   Need to contact A&E again in mid Feb.

○   Drivers

  • Accountability
  • Next Meeting

○   2/21: photoshop workshop

○   3/14: chicago

○   3/28: Chicago recap social event

○   4/11: CAS Panel

○    4/25: New Eboard, food, what to do over the summer, crafty 3 goals, bring back those 3 goals for an entry into a giveaway in the fall


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We strive to connect Michigan State University Advertising, Marketing, Communication and Business students with global employers. Always dreamed of going abroad? Of working abroad? Spartan International Advertising is a great way to increase your knowledge and understanding of what it takes to work in an international setting. We've had professionals from big-name companies like Google and Grey Advertising, from around the world like England and Dubai. Not only will you learn about international advertising, but it's a great networking opportunity and you'll get invaluable advice and resources for your career. All meetings will be every 2nd and 3rd Monday of each month from 6pm to 8pm, and will be held in room 165 of the Communication Arts and Sciences Building.

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