E-Board Meeting Notes 11/21

Sole 2 Soul

  • Social Media takeover

○   Divide up

  • Commision

E-Board Meeting 11/20

○   Ad|Com would have own code

○   Commision would go to club

  • Raffle off a pair of shoes

Roccio Gracino

  • Guest Speaker: 11/29
  • Possibly pizza or cookies
  • Works at Optimedia Chicago
  • Will present through Skype
  • Any questions can come right up to the screen
  • Questions:

○   Process of moving to a big city

○   Finding a job after college

○   Interview process

○   Living process

Next E-board Meeting

  • Next E-board meeting: Retreat style
  • Dec. 4th 7 p.m. Grand Traverse Pie Company
  • 1 pg reflection on:

○   Meeting status

○   Outreach efforts

○   Attendance records

○   Update on social media impacts

○   Ideas for spring meetings

○   Where we can improve

○   How to better serve our target audience

○   How can we tailor meetings to our target

○   What was successful

○   Deliverables?

○   Evaluation of financial records

■   Money we started with

■   Money we have now

■   expenditures


  • Leave: March 23rd → Come back: March 24th
  • Transportation

○   Megabus around $50

○   Members arrange their own transportation

■   Bus, car, train, plane whatever the member prefers

■   Members pay for their transportation out of pocket and on their own time

○   Members will be given a time to check in the hotel

  • Hotel

○   Hostel from last year (IHSP Hostel)

○   Cost estimated: $10/person

Next Semester Ideas

  • Photoshop workshop
  • Portfolio workshop
  • mentor/mentee program
  • Coffee at the Rock
  • Table at Wells

○   Shoes giveaway

○   Drawing will be done at first meeting, must be in attendance

○   Ask Jono to get the winners size

Upcoming Dates

11/29: Last fall semester meeting: Guest Speaker Roccio Gracino

12/4: E-board meeting, 7 p.m., Grand Traverse Pie Company

1/23: Wells Hall Giveaway

1/24: 1st Spring semester meeting


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We strive to connect Michigan State University Advertising, Marketing, Communication and Business students with global employers. Always dreamed of going abroad? Of working abroad? Spartan International Advertising is a great way to increase your knowledge and understanding of what it takes to work in an international setting. We've had professionals from big-name companies like Google and Grey Advertising, from around the world like England and Dubai. Not only will you learn about international advertising, but it's a great networking opportunity and you'll get invaluable advice and resources for your career. All meetings will be every 2nd and 3rd Monday of each month from 6pm to 8pm, and will be held in room 165 of the Communication Arts and Sciences Building.

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