General Meeting Notes 11/8/16

Meeting Minutes 11/8

LinkedIn Workshop



$15/semester or $25/both semester

Turn in asap

Next Meeting: Nov. 29th 6 p.m.

Let Erika ( if you are interested in going to Chicago

No price set, just garnering interest

Any agencies you want to visit, let us know

General Tips


Bosses, co-workers can endorse your skills

Job Hunt

Can find and apply for job opportunities

Can search for opportunities

Keep it updated

Especially looking for a job

Keep everything consistent

Have a professional-looking photo

Connect with…





Guest Speakers


Example of LinkedIn Profile

Used VP & Interim President Breanna Ratering’s profile


“Student at Michigan State University”

Some companies are specifically looking for students

Link to personal site

Breanna uses


Class level


Current position

What she did this summer (internship)

What she is looking for in a career

Experience Section

Copied from resume

This section you can add documents and links to support your experience

Volunteer Section

Most employers like so experience

Organizations Section

Add Ad|Com

Add any organization you are involved with

Just so you know…

LinkedIn tracks who viewed your profile

Also, tracks who you look at

Bottom line: you can see who looked at your profile


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We strive to connect Michigan State University Advertising, Marketing, Communication and Business students with global employers. Always dreamed of going abroad? Of working abroad? Spartan International Advertising is a great way to increase your knowledge and understanding of what it takes to work in an international setting. We've had professionals from big-name companies like Google and Grey Advertising, from around the world like England and Dubai. Not only will you learn about international advertising, but it's a great networking opportunity and you'll get invaluable advice and resources for your career. All meetings will be every 2nd and 3rd Monday of each month from 6pm to 8pm, and will be held in room 165 of the Communication Arts and Sciences Building.

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