September 20, 2016 Meeting Notes

September 20, 2016 Meeting Notes

(note from the Jessica: The pdf version is better to read than the one below. Here is the link: September 20, 2016 Meeting Notes.)

General Assembly

Meeting Minutes 9/20/16 ‚ÄúQuestion, Answer, Create: How to Maximize your Major‚ÄĚ Presented by¬†Amanda Vasas

I. Introductions of Amanda Vasas

A. Michigan State University

1. Graduated from MSU with a B.A. in Communication

2. Was involved with Undergraduate Communication Association (UCA) & Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA)

3. Has been working at MSU for 3 years

B. After graduation
1. Worked for a PR agency, Bailey & Associates
a) Good environment
b) Multiple different experiences
(1) healthcare, automotive, ghostwriting, event planning, media relations, media tracking, public affairs
2. Internal Marketing at MSU
a) Branding of on campus organizations
b) Editor of internal communications magazine
c) Experience in social media and web design

C. Now 1. Teaches ADV 225: Writing for PR 2. Runs Private Lesson business

II. “Question, Answer, Create: How to Maximize your Major

A. On campus experiences
a. ‚ÄúGetting experience makes¬†you more marketable‚ÄĚ
b. Narrow down what you want to do
i. Start at your goals for MSU
ii. Move to your goals in CAS
c. Attend college events
i. Find interests on your own time
ii. Ask yourself, is this something I want to pursue? Why or why not?

iii. Pay attention to flyers about organizations on on campus opportunities
d. Connect with Professors
i. They have connections
ii. Find out who they are, their past experiences, and their current research (if they partake)
1. Look up their bio on CAS website
iii. Introduce yourself!
iv. Ask questions, interview them
B.  PR minor info a. Must at least be a sophomore
b. GPA: 3.0 or greater c. Must complete ADV 260 & ADV 225 (or JRN 200)
d. Many career opportunities

C. ADV 402: Special Topics
a. Take agency tours in New York and Chicago
b. Guest¬†speakers¬†from¬†Lansing professionals D.¬†Practice! a. ‚ÄúBegin¬†with the end in mind‚ÄĚ
b. Need some sort of experience to find a job post graduation
c. Make connections with your peers d. Make opportunities
e. Use class projects as writing samples for your portfolio
f. Track measurement of your experiences
i. What was the result?
g. Set goals
i. Where do I want to be at the end of my degree, semester, etc?
h. Read the news
i. Know the headlines
ii. You are more marketable the more you know
iii. Student recommendation: try¬†‚Äúthe Skimm‚ÄĚ
1. Summary of news in a millennial mind set and lingo
E. Be Realistic
a. There is only so much you can do in a given time
c. Set manageable goals
d. Quality of experience is better than quantity
F. Track experiences
a. Keep a folder or word doc of your experiences
i. Internships
ii. Volunteer work
iii. Greek life
iv. Student organizations
v. Class work
vi. Identify the client, new software uses, tasks, etc.
G. Linkedin a. Get on it!
b. Professional social media site
c. More in depth version of your resume
H. Other great resources
a. Check out events on Handshake

b. CAS career resources
c. MSU Career Network
I. Advice a. Stay organized
b. Avoid burn out

c. Make decisions and stand by them

d. Don’t go into the field for the industry but for the skills
e. Be open minded to new experiences and opportunities
f. Find mentors
g. You don’t have to have a set plan
i. Setting goals better option
h. Busy is not the same as challenged
i. Be mindful who you associate with
i. Associate with people with similar values
j. Be humble, be gracious
k. Sometimes you need to be creative to find opportunities
l. When applying for a job/internship find someone in that organization to get the scoop and to connect with them
m. You are investing into a company just like a company is investing in you III. Additional Membership Details
A. Dues
a. Go towards social events, food, Chicago Trip, etc.
b. $15/semester OR $25/year c. DUE OCTOBER 4TH d. Issues?

Contact Breanna or Reagan i. Breanna: ii. Reagan:


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