9/21/2017 Eboard Meeting Minutes

Date: 9/21/2017

Video Conference Call

  • First general member meeting: 9/25 at 5 p.m. in 173 CAS
    • Guest Speaker: Liz Jorgensen
  • How are going to promote the meeting?
    • Flyers
    • Social media posts
    • newsletter
  • New Social Media Manager!
    • Bella
  • Communication Plan for Fall semester
    • Will come back to at next e-board meeting
    • Think about S2S
  • S2S Tailgate
    • Corn hole
    • Waterbottle with ribbon and logo/code
    • Water pong
    • Adcom stickers
  • Lansing Agency Crawl-Spring
    • TV station
    • Pr firm
    • Ad agency
    • Take a self guided tour of the capitol building
  • Dues
    • Same as last year
    • Allows you to go on crawl
  • Next general meeting 10/9: student panel
  • Forward
    • Natalie
      • Looking into tailgate permit
    • Erika
      • Contacting melissa about stickers
      • Creating FB chat
      • Putting up flyers
    • Jessi
      • Making flyers
      • Posting FB posts
    • Megan
      • Finding new eboard member



Social Media Manager Wanted!

We’re currently looking for a E-Board member to help us manage and promote our club. Some of the things you’ll do is :

  • Post and manage the FB, Twitter, & Instagram pages
  • Send out slides to some of the ComArts professors
  • Putting our club into the CAS newsletter

Please email your interest to Erika Nichols @ nicho466@msu.edu

9/10/17 E-Board Meeting Notes

9/10/17 Notes

Start time: 3:00


Discussing Roles

  • Add new roles to the Comm Team
    • Social media manager, graphic designer, etc…
  • Communication role – add to secretarial role
    • Maintaining newsletter, updating showcase – go inside advising office, and tell them you’re here for the showcase
      • Can’t use staples
      • Update bi-weekly
      • Meeting things (3 in 30?)
  • Natalie: Fundraising
    • Make sure we have fundraising opportunities, liaison between STS and us
  • Megan: Vice Pres & Treasurer

Is Slack working?

  • Possibly Facebook group, text messaging, or GroupMe
    • Check with everyone about Facebook

Social Media Manager

  • Define roles, how many times to post, etc…

General Meeting Dates and Times

  • Monday at 5:00
  • Maybe determine where people are living and schedule a week from there?
  • First meeting: September 25th
    • Advertise!!
    • Put in Newsletter and social!!!

E-Board Meetings

  • As needed
  • Schedule, and if we don’t need it, cancel
  • Tentative: December 3rd
  • Tentative: November 5th

Meeting Ideas

  • What do other clubs do?
    • Guest Speakers!
  • Work on advertising!
  • What does our group do?
    • Building a foundation for students
    • Re-vamping the brand
      • Communicate better to students who we are
  • Workshops
    • Video Interview
    • Talk about what it’s like to work for different types of companies
    • Get someone from Career Services to come in and talk (1st meeting)
  • More guided student panel
  • Resume workshop
  • Work towards getting people connected and ready for internships
    • How to find them
    • Job shadows
    • LinkedIn
    • Build on it
    • Choosing classes
  • Room 181


Themes for meetings going forward

  • 9/25: Career Services – what should students do to prepare for the career fair
  • 10/9: Internship Student Panel  
  • 10/23: LinkedIn and Resume
  • 11/6: Elevator pitch, dressing appropriately, practice with each other
  • 11/27: Here’s what we’re doing next semester, take survey and give people options …Stick with us next semester and be prepared for the Career Fair in February


  • Table with shoes, raffle off shoes, games, adcom swag, water pong, cornhole, etc…
  • Talk about AdCom
    • Mini tailgate
  • November 4th
  • Rent a table or find something

End time: 4:00


General Meeting Notes for 4/11/17

4/11/17 Notes

Last Meeting of the Semester!

  • Open E-Board positions will be up by the end of next week
  • Let us know if you want to write for the blog this summer
  1. Update your resume
    1. Keep track of your accomplishments
    2. See the CAS career office for advice before you leave
    3. Use action words to describe what you did
    4. Note any club leadership positions under experience
    5. Don’t put Microsoft under, they assume you already know
  2. Brush up on your knowledge
    1. Read a book
    2. Current events
    3. Read industry specific publications
    4. Google analytics or hubspot certified
    5. Learn Adobe Creative Suite
    6. Read blogs
    7. Job Shadow
  3. Build your Portfolio
    1. Do design work for small businesses or family
    2. Do social media work for small businesses or family
    3. Write blogs!
    4. Photograph your summer adventures
    5. Update your LinkedIn
  4. Build your resume
    1. Job, internship, volunteer work
    2. Make a presentation about it
    3. Apply for scholarships
    4. Learn a new skill
    5. Learn better study habits
  5. Goal Setting
    1. Short term goals for the end of the summer
    2. Long term goals by the end of the next school year
    3. Write them down and keep track of progress
    4. Write out steps for achievement
  6. Create your media kit
    1. Resume
    2. Writing samples
    3. Creative designs
  7. Takeaways
    1. Be a sponge
    2. Take all opportunities
    3. You can make any opportunity work for your major
    4. Take time to set yourself apart

Ad | Com E-Board Meeting Notes 4/2/17

    • Breanna
      • Jono – no updates
      • Sign forms
      • Going to see Adam Winans (Student Services) with Erika week of 4/3 to get added to Community
    • Erika
      • 108 newsletter subscriber
      • 50% open rate
      • Send reviews and letters of rec to mr. al.
    • Jessi
    • Gemma
    • Megan
    • Natalie
      • Could you put together a fundraising proposal for Jono and the shoes for the fall 2017 by 5/1?
      • Breanna can work with you since she has Jono context
    • Melissa and JaKaira
    • Next Meeting 4/11
      • Ideas
      • Goal setting?
        • Job shadow
        • Internship
          • Keep track of your accomplishments
        • Put together resumes
      • Should we still have a meeting on 4/25?- Cancelled
    • Announcements
    • Amanda:

    SS17 Report

    • What has been successful?
      • Erika’s Newsletter
      • Workshops, WIFM
      • E-board (right now)
    • What has not worked?
      • Guest Speaker
      • Plan trips better (local first next year). Partner with another group on this
      • More social opportunities
    • What do we do keep/change for FS17?
      • More workshops
      • More socials, even if it’s just casually meet for food/coffee
        • Meet and greet
      • Volunteer event, Fenner, SRM
    • What are our goals for FS17?
      • More membership (ongoing)
      • More focused workshops
      • Planned promotions (flyers, social media)
        • Powerpoint slide for professors
      • Planned Sparticipation, Com Arts Connect
      • Feedback survey on newsletter

    Fall 2017 Planning

    • Eboard
      • Please let Breanna know by Friday 4/21 if you would like to be on Eboard for FS17
      • Next year E-board members will be required to miss no more than 2 general meetings and 1 e-board meeting each semester, unless an emergency presents itself.
        • If you can’t commit to the time commitment, general membership may be more suited
    • What is AD|COM’s USP
      • Also known as a unique selling proposition (USP), your USP is a clear statement that describes the benefit of your offer, how you solve your customer’s needs and what distinguishes you from the competition.
      • A tight-knit and friendly group that works toward getting to know its members and making them feel comfortable within professional organizations (as opposed to large clubs where you can get lost in the mix). Ad Com isn’t hyper focused on one major, we are about exploring other majors and allowing members to move up into e-board.
    • How do we increase engagement/membership (both among eboard and general membership?)
      • AOP
        • Let’s look into that – Megan
      • Sparticipation
        • Do we want to order any collateral/promotional materials for FS17 to hand out at AOP/Sparticipation?
        • Stickers, pens, flyers
        • 8/29
    • Meeting Ideas
      • Social event/Mixer with other AD or PR clubs
        • Possible merger?
        • Delta Dental guest speaker
        • PR merger
        • Merge for a give back thursday
      • Guest speakers/Workshop (what did you think of the Sandbox storytelling event I sent you?)
        • Workshops work well
        • More guest speakers like Rocio
          • Delta Dental
          • Breanna Netvantage
          • Speak on intern job experiences
          • Amanda guest speaker
        • Social media, digital marketing/SEO, Research on companies, mock career fair, Resume/Linkedin, Writing, How to set yourself apart
      • Campaign competition (something we start with first meeting and continue throughout semester? – focus on an element of campaign at each meeting?)
        • Do this with shoes or mock client at the beginning of every meeting throughout semester
        • Great idea!
        • This could be the icebreaker
        • Greg Taucher
      • Mentorship
        • E-board member be the mentor, google form if they want to do, phone number quick advice for a class, insight on e-board

Tips From A Field in the Advertising World

Tips From A Field in the Advertising World from Allen Bialik

“What have I learned?” 

  • Education has NOTHING to do with performance
  • In school you’re taught a lesson, then given a test. In life, you’re given a test that teaches you a lesson.
  • Problem solve quickly and creatively: adapt to change
  • Leadership, attitude, commitment, discipline
  • Responsibility and accountability for job performance
  • Leadership is an essential part of life
  • Discipline is doing what needs to be done. Even when you don’t want to do it.
  • Life is dull to dull people

#1 Trait you need to be successful: COMMUNICATION



Meeting Notes 3/14/17

3/14/17 Meeting Notes

GUEST SPEAKER – Allen Bialik from AFB Media Marketing

Everybody’s doing graphics (or _______ ) …what makes you different as an individual?

  • Knock on doors, but be prepared with ten questions.

How we look and present ourselves is all a part of communicating.

“Top 10 Things I’ve Learned in my Life”- Presentation title

  • Managed the first company that released the first newspaper with Sunday comics in color
  • Operations Management guy- learned training and forecasting
  • Managed staff, developing, budgets, hiring/firing, human resources/appraise, customer service group

It starts in Operations.

  • Took the Sunday comics. Developed them so instead of it being a cost, it had to be revenue. Created advertising to wrap it in. “What’s the next step to generate revenue?”
  • Would colorize the original art from the artists of people who created things like Garfield, comic books for Marvel, etc…

Sales & Marketing

  • Got into sales because of the diversity.
  • Loooong client list

“If you’ve got contacts, keep pounding on them. Keep in touch.”

Started his own company in 2008: AFB Media.

85% of what’s purchased in the U.S. is purchased by women. But the men are the ones trying to advertise to them. Result? Does not resonate.

  • Someone out there is talking about you- so talk back.
  • “Change” the way people do business
  • Social media is more about retaining customers
  • Ambassadors of the brand
  • Find ways to reward and recognize customers
  • Interacting with customers creates a human behind the brand

“What have I learned?”

  • Education has NOTHING to do with performance
  • In school you’re taught a lesson, then given a test. In life, you’re given a test that teaches you a lesson.
  • Problem solve quickly and creatively: adapt to change
  • Leadership, attitude, commitment, discipline
  • Responsibility and accountability for job performance
  • Leadership is an essential part of life
  • Discipline is doing what needs to be done. Even when you don’t want to do it.
  • Life is dull to dull people

#1 trait you need to be successful: COMMUNICATION



Mary Clanton Stratton- spent 50 years of her life getting women the right to vote.

Meeting Notes for 2/21/17

  • Semester dues are due TODAY if you haven’t paid them this semester or last semester already
  • Chicago trip is cancelled
  • However….we are in the works of organizing a Lansing trip on the same date (3/24) FREE to paid members
  • Next meeting is on 3/14 and we will be having a guest speaker Allen Bialik from AFB Media Marketing
  • We are looking for a new fundraising chair! http://bit.ly/2kHOFYI
    • Application will be open until Friday 2/24 at  10 p.m.

For the slide for photoshop tutorial, press the link below: